Photo of the Orchestra seats in a theater that are empty with a tan, circular overlay on the left handside with the words,"Theatre Etiquette, Ensuring Every Guest has a Fabulous Experience Before, During, and After the show."

When you purchase your tickets and receive the box-office voucher from us, you may notice that it says, “Attending a Broadway show is an experience most people remember for the rest of their life. Enjoy the show!” at the bottom of the voucher.

That’s because attending a Broadway Show is a special occasion!  It’s not something that many of us get to do every day, and so with that in mind, we offer some guidelines to attending the theater that will make your show a whole lot more enjoyable for you and your fellow audience members:

  1.  Dress for the occasion.  Attending the theater is not an every day event for each of us, it’s a special occasion.  So make it a memorable one by dressing for the special occasion.  That being said, if you are here on vacation and did not pack nice clothing or if your luggage was lost, it’s understandable that you may not be wearing a nice outfit to the theater.  As a general rule of thumb, however, dress for the memories!
  2. PUT YOUR CELL PHONE ON VIBRATE. Put your cell phone on vibrate or better yet, turn it off.  If, for some reason, your phone needs to be answered or if there is a notification/text that needs to be answered, then take it out of the theater before beginning the interaction.  There’s nothing that cannot wait the 30 seconds that it will take to leave your seat and exit the theater.
  3. Keep your shoes on.  If you aren’t at home or in the park, your shoes should stay on your feet.
  4. Please do not talk or sing along during the show, unless asked to by the actors on stage.  It is going to disturb your fellow audience members, and for some of the people sitting around you.  For many people in the audience, attending a Broadway Show might be a once in a lifetime occasion.  Just as you want to enjoy your once in a lifetime occasions, allow them to enjoy theirs.
  5. Photos and recordings are never allowed in the theater.  This is not just Patti Lupone’s rule, it’s actually the law in New York City.  Scenery, sets, costumes, music, acting, singing, dancing, and every other element that goes into the show production is protected by law.  You should never have your cell phone out for the purpose of taking photos or video unless directly invited by someone on the stage.  If an usher has to tell you twice, you will likely be looking at having your phone snatched a la Patti Lupone.
  6. Eat before or after the show. There are a ton of restaurants, hot dog carts, and fast-food places in the theater district.  Eat before or after the show.  During the show is not the time to open up a bag of pretzels, potato chips, candy, or other snack foods.  That being said, if you find yourself to be hypoglycemic, step out into the theater lobby and have a snack.
  7. BE ON TIME. If your show is at 7pm, you should arrive to the theater no later than 6:50pm.  If you are late, you will end up disturbing someone else while you go to your seat.
  8. Take your hat off, Wear deodorant, Avoid Strong Perfumes and Makeups, and Avoid Strong Colognes and Aftershaves. This will keep some of your fellow audience members from enjoying the show.

Most of these etiquette guides are presented to not only help you enjoy the show, but also with how your impact on others will affect how THEY enjoy the show.

Theater is a collective experience, and we want the best experiences possible.

What are some of YOUR ideas on how to best to enjoy attending a Broadway Show?


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